Waxing for the first time

Getting a Brazilian wax for the first time can be quite nerve-racking. It might hurt and you don’t know how painful it will be. You have to lie there naked which can be scary. Plenty of reason to be nervous.

We understand. We will do our best to make you feel comfortable. We do this all the time; we will guide you through it all in a friendly and professional way. You’re going to be well looked after. 

We always do a brief intake where we ask you about any allergies you might have, or other things we need to know about (for instance if you have an intimate piercing this is good to know). You can tell us which hairs you want to have removed, if you want a stripe or a triangle, and how big it should be.  

You can ask us anything, we are specialists and know all there is to know. Does your butt hair bother you? It really isn’t strange to ask us to remove it. We do this on a daily basis, and we know how hairs can grow everywhere, this is completely normal for us. 

We will show you the treatment room where you can undress. Here you will also find the treatment chair, covered with clean towels. Once you’ve taken of your panties you can take a seat on the chair. 

We will adjust the chair to the right height and turn on  a special lamp. This lamp  gives a very bright light, making sure we can see all the hairs. 

Together with you we will decide which hairs will be removed. Once this is decided we will start with preparing the skin. For this we use a lotion, after the lotion we apply some talcum powder to make sure the skin is dry, this way we make sure that the sugar will attach to the hairs in the right way. 

We start with a small patch at the side of your groin area. You will notice that the sugar doesn’t feel overly cold or hot (the sugar we work with is always on body temperature). This will give you an idea about the painfulness of waxing. 

For most clients this won’t be painful at all, which means that we can easily continue the rest of the treatment. 

For some clients it might be more painful than expected.  However you will notice that the pain doesn’t last long. Once you take a deep breath the pain is gone. We give you plenty of time to catch your breath and will get you a glass of water if necessary. 

It is totally fine if you do experience pain. Pain is different for everybody. One person’s hairs may be deep in the skin, while with the other they are more at the surface. Deep hairs are more painful to remove. Some ladies have lots of hair – this too will cause more pain than if you only have a couple of hairs. We are not here to judge you; we will guide you through it and make sure the result will be nice and smooth. 

At a certain point during the treatment you might start to sweat a bit. This is a completely normal reaction of the body. Usually this is the moment when you start to wonder why you are even doing this. Luckily once it is all over you will know why you did it, and you’ll be happy you did. 

We have a special technique to quickly remove hair from your most sensitive parts. And then, before you know it, it is over. 

We do a final check which you will hardly notice. We check if all the hairs are gone and will remove any sugar that is left with some rosewater. Then we apply a special lotion containing lots of nourishing Argan oil. 

During your treatment we explain everything we do and constantly let you know what to expect. We will also explain our free touch up session which you can schedule directly after your appointment. 

After the treatment you will immediately notice the difference. You will feel fresh, clean and smooth. It will feel much better than after shaving. It won’t hurt. Your skin might still be slightly irritated. But that’s it. 

Your skin will need a break now, so we advise you to wear cotton underwear. Lace panties and skinny jeans are a bad idea as these will irritate your sensitive skin. 

Go home, make yourself a nice cup of tea and send your girlfriends a text that you did it, your first Brazilian wax. #proud. In our tips you will find more information about the dos and don’ts before, during and after waxing. 

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I’m pregnant


You’re pregnant, you’re starting to grow, and you know for sure that at a certain point you will be so big that you will never ever be able to reach, let alone trim, those hairs down under. This might be problematic, just imagine needing an incision during labour. The nurse will be happy to remove any hairs with a cheap razor, but wouldn’t it be must better to just  be prepared when the time has come?

You want to look your best down under while giving birth. We understand.  

With us you are in good hands. We are trained to wax pregnant ladies, even when you’re close to your due date. 

If this is the case we make sure to schedule extra time, this is part of our service, you don’t pay extra. This way you can take your time undressing and we won’t need to hurry during your treatment. We know how to treat you and we know the most comfortable positions for you to lie in making sure we can remove all the hairs while you are as comfortable as possible. 

If desired, we will make an appropriate hair removal schedule for you so during labour you won’t have to worry about your bushbush down under. 

And obviously: sugaring doesn’t harm you, your pregnancy or your baby in any way. 

So don’t hesitate to book your appointment!


Just imagine, you scheduled your appointment at Be Silk weeks ago, then, exactly two days before your appointment you get your period. That sucks!

Can you still come for your treatment? You don’t want your schedule to get messed up. And you planned everything exactly so that your skin is soft and smooth for your holidays. If you have to reschedule it won’t fit in with your holiday plans…

Don’t worry, you can still come even if you’ve got your period. But continue reading, there are a couple of things you should consider. 

Having your period sucks. Personally I hate it. I’d rather not have it at all. For the people around me it would also be better if I didn’t, but that’s beside the point. 

Your period can be accompanied by a lot of side effects. Stomach pains, back pains, mood swings, sensitive, painful breasts, you name it. If you’re feeling miserable, waxing is no fun. Everything hurts more than normal, so waxing will hurt more than normal too. 

Maybe you feel perfectly fine during your period. In that case you don’t have to hesitate to come for your appointment, just put in a new tampon before we start, and that’s that. We’ve seen that piece of string before and know not to pull it out  

If your period does bother you, you can take a painkiller, paracetamol for instance, before the treatment to prevent extra pain. This will take the edge off. Your hairs will be gone, and your schedule will stay intact. 

But if you prefer to stay in bed for a couple of days during your period, please don’t come out for your Brazilian wax. Stay in bed, come and see us a few days later, and start a new month, fresh and spotless.  

So if you get your period a few days before your appointment, and you don’t feel up to it, just cancel the appointment and plan a new one for a few days after your period. We don’t mind. You can reach us 06-16941471. 

If you come during your period, take a painkiller a few hours before the appointment, put in a new tampon before the treatment, and when it’s all over you’ll be happy. 

Just make sure you listen to your gut: don’t show a brave face just because you think it shouldn’t be a problem to get waxed during your period. If you don’t feel comfortable it probably won’t turn out very pleasant. We want what’s best for you. If it’s best to come a few days later, please do so. 

In short, there is no clear rule about waxing during your period. You are welcome to come by, but you are just as welcome to cancel and reschedule. 

Students & waxing

At Be Silk we understand that expensive waxing treatments can be difficult to afford for students. So we created a special student-pricelist.  

Students have their own pricelist. The treatment of men and women is the same, but men usually have  more hair and experience pain differently. Their treatment will take a bit longer and is therefore a bit more expensive. 

Once you graduate the student discount stops. But if you stay with us as a regular customer you will instantly enter our VIP programme, giving you a 10% discount on all our treatments. 

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I'm a man

Chest hair all over the place, a hairy bottom, or smelly armpit hairs. None of these traits are very attractive. We would rather see the smooth and hairless skin of a top athlete, swimmer or cyclist. Having a smooth skin is not only a feast for the eye, if also feels great when your body hair is thoroughly and well removed, without that unpleasant stubble. 

At Be Silk we treat men as well as women. Although the principle of the treatment is the same, men do usually take a bit more time. This is because their hair is tougher and denser. Also men often experience pain in a different way than women. 

The Be Silk sugaring specialists are trained to work as quickly and painless as possible. Perhaps you have seen the YouTube videos where men get their chest waxed in an extremely painful way? That is not how we do it!

We cannot promise that it won’t hurt at all, but it will be as painless as possible. It’s the result that counts: a soft and smooth skin for weeks. Nu more stubble, no more worries. The result will instantly make you forget that slight bit of pain. 

Still in doubt? Read more about what we offer and book your appointment!

Do en Don'ts


  • Always take good care of your skin and scrub your body twice per week. 
  • Always take good care of your skin and use body lotion daily (except for the day of the treatment and the day after treatment). 
  • Wear cotton underwear after waxing your intimate parts. 
  • Leave your skin alone after a treatment, so no scratching or picking. 
  • After treatment we apply several products. Give these products the chance to be absorbed by the skin. 
  • After treatment you are advised to wash yourself with only water, no soap. 
  • Make sure you schedule your new appointment in time!


The list of don’ts mainly applies to the first day(s) after your treatment. After sugaring the hair shafts are completely open, it takes between 24 and 36 hours for these to close again. During this period you should not:

  • Swim (indoor or outdoor).
  • Play sports or go to the gym. 
  • Use deodorant (after treating the armpits). 
  • Sunbathe (outside or under a sunbed). 
  • Go to the sauna. 
  • Use perfumed products. 
  • Wear tight or synthetic underwear. 
  • Scrub your skin, wait at least three days before you scrub. 
  • Wash with soap. 
  • Wear make-up (after treating the face). 

When you come to us for the removal of facial hair, we have several mineral make up products which can be used to conceal red patches. We will apply this free of charge so you can confidently leave the salon. 

Permanent hair removal

It sounds like a fairy tale: permanent hair removal. A stubble-free life. Smooth hairless legs under your short skirt without having to do anything about it. Always soft armpits. Almost too good to be true…

Does this sound appealing? Or do you see some red flags? When something sounds too good to be true…then it usually is. 

We are very honest about the possibilities for hair removal: to permanently get rid of your hair, to have a smooth skin forever, that is just a fairy tale. Expensive IPL treatments (sending a laser light through the hair) will only slow down hair growth. Intensive laser hair removal by trained medical staff is more effective, but also more expensive, and it needs to be maintained yearly, as hairs will keep coming back. A healthy body will keep producing new hairs. And it is such a waste to spend a fortune on hair removal when  hormonal changes (like for instance pregnancy) can cause hair to instantly return.  

Our alternative:

Eventually sugaring will lead to permanent removal of those annoying hairs. It works like this: 

When you’re born you’re covered in downy hairs. During puberty hormones will cause these soft hairs to become thicker and tougher. This pubic hair will especially develop on your private parts, in your armpits, on your legs, etc. 

Then, looking at elderly people, you see these hairs disappearing again. This is the natural course of hair growth. A hair shaft is programmed in a way that it makes a set amount of hairs during its course of life, then after about seventy or eighty years it stops producing hair. The hair shaft retires after producing a set amount of hair. 

With sugaring we pull out the hair as a whole, in the process we stimulate the hair shaft to produce a new hair, which it does. With sugaring we speed up the process which means that the set amount of hai will be ‘used up’ earlier in life. Your hair will retire before you reach retirement age, so to speak. 

This process normally takes about 70 years, so it isn’t something we can reach within 7 treatments. But the results after a long period of sugaring are definitely encouraging. You need to come to the salon less frequently. Less hairs will come back. There will be less irritation. And your body will still be healthy!

We prefer natural treatment methods that keep our body intact. We don’t beat about the bush(bush), we cut to the chase. Body hair is annoying, but we can do something about it.

Book your appointment and experience it for yourself! Read more about what we offer and how to be free of risk. 


At Be Silk we love our regular clients. Our regulars receive special benefits. 

If you’re a regular at our salon we offer you VIP status after 10 consecutive appointments (each with a minimal value of €40). 

And, VIP’s get special treatment!

As a VIP you get a discount of 10% on your treatments. 

And that’s not all. 

We make an extra effort to accommodate you. If for some reason you have to reschedule your appointment, we will see you outside of our regular opening hours if necessary. We will open extra early or extra late, or we will see you during our lunch break. This way you will still be able to have your appointment. We only do this for our VIP’s. 

If you start to visit our salon as a student, you will gain VIP status as soon as you’re graduated. 

My backside. How?

With a Brazilian wax we remove all pubic hair, also the hair between your buttocks, that is also pubic hair. However not everyone wants us to go there.  

A while ago I asked a client why she didn’t want me to remove those hairs, as she did want  all the other hairs to be removed. She told me she was way too embarrassed and scared to go on her hands and knees before me like a dog. She didn’t like that idea. 

Well. I don’t like that idea either!

Before I started my own salon, I visited many different salons. Each has their own method for removing those hairs. One way can be more pleasant than the other. 

Indeed, at some places you will be asked to go on your hands and knees in order to remove the hairs around your anus. I don’t know anyone who finds that pleasant. For the waxing specialist it might be convenient as it is an easy position to remove the hair, but as a client it isn’t comfortable at all. If you have experience with bleaching your anus you might have grown used to being in this position, but it still doesn’t work for me!

Once I had to put my feet on the shoulders of the waxing lady, so that my butt would be lifted, and she could remove the hairs. I found that quite embarrassing, way too up close and personal with the waxing lady between my legs. 

So we don’t do that either.

We put the bed down so that it’s flat and you can turn around. You lay flat on your stomach and sometimes we may ask you to help with pulling your buttocks apart, but this isn’t always necessary. Then we quickly remove the hairs. 

We could also ask you to lay on your side and pull up your upper leg, against your chest. This way we create enough room to remove the hairs. This method is especially convenient for  pregnant ladies as they obviously cannot lay on their stomach. 

There is always a solution. 

Is it embarrassing to remove the hairs from your behind? Well, you decide for yourself. For us it isn’t embarrassing at all, it is the most normal thing in the world. We look at the hairs, at how they grow and how we can remove them. We don’t look at how big or small or strange someone’s behind is. 

We do expect you to make sure you’re clean when you come to the salon. But that’s obvious. It wouldn’t be very hygienic if our clients would come to the salon without washing themselves before. But that has never happened. If it would we would send that person home, we cannot work like that. It has never happened to me before, luckily. Cause that would really be embarrassing. 

Exclusive body lotion

Do you like our body lotion as much as we do? The Argan-based formula creates a super soft beautiful skin. Because of the lanoline it is ideal for darker skin. Also the most sensitive skin reacts wonderfully to this rich body lotion.

This body lotion can only be purchased at Be Silk: we will fill a bottle especially for you. Your own custom made, ‘freshly squeezed’ body lotion. On the label we will write ‘made specially for …’, or something else, it is your bottle, so you get to decide. 

Also nice as a gift!

A bottle of 100 ml is €32,50. 

You can order a bottle by phone or add it to your online reservation, we will make sure its ready when you come for your treatment.  



 Need to cancel, or forgot your appointment?

Of course it may happen that you need to cancel an appointment. This is no problem. You can contact us (06-16941471) and plan a new appointment. 

Did you forget about an appointment? This is inconvenient for both of us. You still have all those hairs and we have a large gap in our agenda. Of course it can happen once, but if we notice it happening more often, we’ll change plans. If we check our planning system and see that a client hasn’t shown up for an appointment three times, or cancelled less than 8 hours before the appointment, then we will ask this client to pay in advance. 

our special offer

an offer you can’t refuse. 

After your first treatment, you’ll get the second one for free. Read about it.


Are you fed up with that stubble? The red irritation after shaving? Painfully infected in-growing hairs, skin that is never nice and smooth…

We are here to help you! Sugaring will give back your healthy and attractive skin.

Read more about my search for the ideal hair removal method.