Be Silk is a chain of sugar waxing salons. We are located in The Hague, Leiden, Dordrecht and Rotterdam. We specialize in hair removal. It is all we do – and we are good at it. 

Our employees receive an in-house training. This way we know for sure we all work according to the same protocols. Of course every person is different. That is good, it makes us a strong team. One is great in precise stripes, the other has a firm hand and pulls out all the hairs at once, and yet another is super accurate and won’t rest until even the most invisible hairs have gone. 

Of course you may prefer a certain employee, this is no problem. Just let us know while planning your appointment. 

Miriam Meester

My name is Miriam Meester. I was born on the 7th of September 1969 and I’m the owner of Be Silk. Besides all the time-consuming tasks I have to do as an entrepreneur, I also still treat clients in the salon. I will keep on doing this: I enjoy my job so much!

I have struggled with unwanted body hair for years and years. I must have tried all existing hair removal methods. My skin was ruined as a result of all the scrubbing, depilating, lasering, waxing, IPL, shaving, you name it. Then I came across sugaring. Not only did it remove all the annoying hair, it also gave me nice, healthy skin. I had seen the light. 

In addition to my Be Silk activities I’m also the mother of four children. They are all grown-up now, I only do fun things with them :). I like music, reading, running, walking and good food. The latter is well taken care of by my partner. If it’s my turn to cook I take him out instead, hahaha. For the rest I enjoy sitting on a terrace, in the sun. Paris is my favourite city, but in summertime you will also find me in Dordrecht, The Hague, or Rotterdam. 

I’m passionate about inspiring people and making them prettier. I just love to free you from unwanted hair, think along with you and to give you advice. As long as you are happy with the result and with your nice, healthy skin, I’m happy too!


Astrid van Vliet


Hello, I am Astrid van Vliet, owner of Be Silk The Hague. 

Years ago I saw the movie ‘Caramel’, about a beauty salon in Beirut where the owner and customers share all life’s ups and downs in the salon (a real good feel good movie!) and where they used sugar wax to remove hair. I thought about this when at a certain point I decided I no longer wanted to shave my legs. I didn’t like the idea of lasering or synthetic waxing, so I went looking for different hair removal methods, the movie came to mind again… Voila! I started to experiment (a very messy process…) and in the end I managed to make a good sugar wax. It wasn’t easy to use sugar on myself, but I was amazed by the result. My skin became soft and smooth and the hairs stayed away much longer. Also I hardly had any ingrown hairs. I was intrigued that such simple, pure ingredients could give such great results. Pure magic!

Sometime later I met Miriam. We had a shared passion for sugaring. I became a client at Be Silk Leiden and we often had nice conversations. One thing led to another and the idea came up to start a Be Silk franchise location in The Hague. I was ready for a new challenge after working as a policy officer in education. I had thought about starting my own beauty salon, the switch to opening my own sugar waxing salon was a logical step. In 2017 I took up the challenge and opened Be Silk The Hague. I enjoy working in my salon every day. 

For me trust is just as important as the result. You want to feel comfortable during your treatment. Be Silk is a professional salon with a pleasant atmosphere. My regular clientele is growing extensively. I put heart and soul in my work and love to make you beautiful and happy. 

Sanne Hendrichs

I am Sanne Hendrichs and I’ve worked at Be Silk Leiden since 2015. 

I had been working as a beautician for a while but wanted an extra job on the side. A friend suggested I should  apply at Be Silk. This was the best advice I ever got. I enjoy the atmosphere, the clients, the nice colleagues and of course the work itself, also the method of waxing was a real eyeopener for me. I enjoy working at Be Silk so much that you will be seeing more of me in the near future. Now that Miriam will be in Rotterdam more often, I will take over some of her tasks in Leiden. 

Just like my colleagues, I wax really precisely and won’t give up until the result is as smooth and perfect as you want it to be. I specialize in a Brazilian with a super straight line or sharp triangle, if you’re up for it. And  I love to have a nice conversation during treatment. About the weather, holidays, food, which dress you are going to wear to your party, any subject you want to pour out your heart about is fine by me! 

Of course I also have hobbies. I like knitting and crocheting, even though I’m not so good at it yet. But you know what they say: practice makes perfect. I also like to read, and I collect comic books. My collection is starting to get so big that I might need an extra bookcase soon, haha. 


Veerle Tiemersma

I started as a sugaring specialist at Be Silk in Leiden early spring 2018.
The rest of the time you will find me reading (probably with a slight frown on my face) as I also study philosophy.
This might seem like a strange combination, but that is wat makes it fun. It is great to be able to vary between all the reading and working at Be Silk where I meet so many people.
I am also active in the student union and I play cello when I can find the time.
When I’m at work it makes me happy to focus on something else for a while. I enjoy listening to stories about difficult choices, complicated subjects, plans, and everything you can think of. If you prefer listening instead of talking, I always have some interesting stories to share too, and in the meantime I make sure that all unwanted hairs disappear.
Maybe my hands are extra strong because I play cello, either way I really pull out those hairs super-fast, and almost painlessly. Some clients ask for me especially for that reason ☺.

Denise Kruger


I’ve been working as a fulltime sugaring specialist at Be Silk since 2017. I think I will keep on doing this until I retire, that is how much I enjoy it. Nice colleagues, a good atmosphere  and a kind boss are important for me in order to enjoy my work. I found all of this at Be Silk <3

I enjoy going to work every day. I work in Leiden and Dordrecht so I have lots of customers. I am so happy that my job allows me to talk a lot! When I was still in school they told me off for this habit, now it is part of my job. 

When I treat you there is no time for fear or pain. I talk a lot and my cheerfulness is contagious. Especially when it’s sunny. Also I am very precise, I keep going until all the hairs are gone (or until you tell me it’s okay to stop). 

I don’t do requests, but if you’re lucky I might sing a song. 

    Simone Tjon-Sien-Fat


    My name is Simone and I’ve been working at Be Silk Leiden since 2017. I started as a client and never left. As a client I always experienced the treatments in a very positive way. Because of the relaxed, calm atmosphere at Be Silk and the ever-friendly sugaring specialists. Now that I am a sugaring specialist myself, I hope to bring across the same vibe. 

    You will find me at Be Silk every Saturday, waiting for you with my pot of sugar. I’m a fan of dry humour and like to sing along to music (even though I’m a terrible singer). If you have an appointment with me, I will try to get rid of all your hair as quickly as possible. Just like my lovely colleagues I work very precisely,  and you don’t leave until we are both satisfied. 

    I’ve been living in The Hague for 3 years now and work at the Municipality of Rijswijk. I know, something totally different, but that makes it so much fun! For the rest I am a real Sporty Spice  and like parties and festivals. 

    I hope to see you soon. 

    Adios, see you Saturday! 


    Merel van Engelen


    Hi! I’m Merel and I’ve been working at Be Silk since 2018. I got to know Be Silk as a client. I was very satisfied with the results of the treatment, but I also enjoyed the atmosphere in the salon. So it seemed ideal for me to work at Be Silk beside my studies. I study English and plan to follow Sign Language Linguistics after this. Besides studying and working I spend a lot of time at my student union: student life suits me well. I really like cats and I’m also into astrology. So during your Brazilian wax I can tell you about your horoscope too . 

    A super straight and smooth  Brazilian wax has become my specialty. So if you want to get rid of all of the hairs, I’m your woman: I’m a real perfectionist. 

    I work in Leiden and in The Hague. 

    Sevil de Veer



    Ik ben nu in Rome aan het werk, voor mijn studie. Maar als ik weer terugkom, kom ik ook weer bij Be Silk werken en zal ik hier wat meer over mezelf vertellen.


    Eline Koops

    My name is Eline Koops. I have been working at Be Silk for about four years and have always enjoyed it very much, even though at the moment I only fill in for others every once in a while. When a colleague unexpectedly falls ill, when the public transport is on strike, or when someone desperately wants to go on a short break, I do my best to clear my agenda and work in her place for a couple of hours. So if you ever see me this will be because of that reason.  Luckily, I learnt all about sugar waxing when I was fourteen, so even though I only work occasionally you are still in good hands with me. What I enjoy most about waxing is the personal contact with the clients; ‘how did your date go?’, ‘what about that job interview?’, ‘what happened with your roommate?’, all questions I love to ask, to really make contact. I try my best to remember everything about my clients, just because that’s what I like. Also waxing is a very rewarding job, everyone leaves the salon happy!

    I also study nursing and have a regular job in healthcare.  I am busy setting up a student association for the course I’m following, and I do so much more, way too much to fit into this small piece of text. I live in a small apartment in Leiden together with my boyfriend. Just like my mom I love it when my dearest cooks for me, luckily, he is a good cook. 😉